Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just one look...

Paul was on the road to Damascus, all it took was one look upon the Saviors face...and his whole world was changed.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Poor in Spirit

"Blessed are the Poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." Another translation reads Blessed are those who know their need for God for they shall receive the Kingdom of Heaven.  Poor in Spirit = Recognizing your need for God.  How do we get to that point?  With so many things out there it can be hard to discover that need. 

When you ask most people what they need, they would say food, a car, a house, a job, etc.  Mostly are monetary things, they aren't bad at all, but I don't think it hits the depth at which we were meant to live and rely upon God.  What we need is connection with Jesus Christ, what we need is a freshness in our hearts and lives because of His touch.   Its amazing how things can change for me when God touches my heart or the root of what is going on.  Outside circumstances may not change, but my view towards them can.  We can't spend our time managing others or circumstances, etc that will leave us empty of freedom.  SIMPLE, can your life fall under the category of simple?  Its hard to look at it like that, Father let us see our need for you, and what a wonderful thing that is, because you desire to love us to overflowing. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where does this note find you?

I have eaten way too much cookies, etc.  Christmas isn't even here yet and I can feel the sugar pulsating in my body.  Right now my room is has presents all over, I almost broke my face (yes that is a term I can use) stepping on one of the boxes when I walked in my room the other day.   It is open confession time, yup its true, I am a Celine Dion fan.  Its true its true, before you choose to never speak to me again, hang on just a bit longer.

There are tons of Christmas songs out there, seriously how many times can we redo away in a manger, anywho I was listening to a Christmas CD the other day in which my favorite song "O Holy Night" was being sung by yes you guessed it, CD (that is Celine Dion for your normal folk).  It was as if the Lord put his hand on my worries, thoughts, concerns, fears and said  "shhh can you hear it? can you hear the beauty in the moment of when my Son was born into the world?"  There is a sweetness to the season of Christmas, it comes from a divine night that we celebrate, a divine life that would come to reconcile us to an Almighty God.  The Power of God in the sweet soft breath of a newborn child.  May the Lord breathe upon you and your family during this time. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Love demonstrates Action

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."  God shows very clear that He is about demonstrating who He is.  God is Love.  We so often get into the model of action motivates Love.  When it is put that way it can sound like a car is what makes gas go.  It makes no sense.  What fuels us as believers is not trying to do so we can be, it is recognizing who we are and that fuels what we do.  To put is simple, we are only faking it when we are trying to do something because we think that is what we should be doing.  At the heart of action is surrender, receiving, and recognizing.  Love demonstrates action, it is what propels us, it isn't a feeling but a fact that we live loved and we are affirmed by God and Him alone. 

Do you ever feel like a dry cracked sponge?  Yet you wonder why you can't perform the "duties" of the christian life?  We weren't meant to live that way, He is the vine we are the branches, we draw moment by moment from the very life of Christ within us.  A follower of Christ is concerned with only one thing, Listening to the Heart of their heavenly Father and responding.  The rest my friends is religion and will only add to your dry spell.   Let this Christmas be a time of hearing the heart of those Christmas Carols, of Gods Love demonstrating action, receive that message, respond to what that message compels you to do. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Boot Day

What a day to wear boots, snow on the ground, the crunch beneath my feet ahhh...where is my horse.  Either that or where is my coffee and a nice fire?  At my work I have this massive wreath in my cubicle, fake but a bit of Christmas cheer nonetheless.  So far in life what I have learned is that seasons do come and go, there is a reason for that, God allows each season because He knows we need them.  With that being said lets enjoy the season we are in, soak it up. 

Did you know that God can turn your desert into a green lush field?  Sometimes the very place we are at is our end point of redemption, we just don't see that God is renewing the "ground" right under us.  Keep your eyes open, that "Oasis" you see may not be an illusion. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Closet Fears

I can remember feeling like something was going to grab my feet or hands when I was little while I was on my bed.  I must have looked like an Olympic high jumper in action.  I knew I had to jump at least 3 feet before the bed and at a steep angle to make sure I was in the clear.  It was then that I stayed in the middle of my bed, sometimes putting the covers over my head.

I figured if I would just lie still I would be ok, that if my covers were over my face I would be ok.  Now I have these random thoughts or fears that I will trip while I'm walking, mostly at work, but even in public.  Tripping at the most awkward time, etc. 

There are fears that we had when we were younger that plagued us and we would let on to others that no such thing existed and sometimes even make fun of younger siblings or friends who were open about their fears.  What is it in us that makes us want to make fun or attack someones fears?  This somehow can make us feel better about our own and divert our attention away from ourselves and what we face. 

I look back at being afraid of the dark and what may be in the closet or under the bed and it is just a memory, but to others it is "reality".  My father once told me "Pain is Pain, it doesn't matter how big or how small".  I think the same goes for fear, I would say Fear is Fear, no matter how big or small.  It is the seed that is just as big as the tree, it just is easier per say to get rid of the seed.  All that being said, Scripture points to the place of not fearing anything.  My ideas of coping with fear have probably looked alot like the child I once was with my covers over my head. 

Joshua 1:9- Be Strong and Courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you where ever you go.

God knows we will face fear, things that could discourage us, but He asks us to remember a very crucial thing.  He is with us.  We are going to be ok, no matter what you face today in your life, His word for you is clear and unchanging, "I will never leave you or forsake you"  "Trust in me with all of your heart".  Complete trust is what he asks for, what is given in return is Jesus himself. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A devotional from Max Lucado-

"Changed by His Majesty"
“We were…eyewitnesses of His majesty.” 2 Peter 1:16, NKJV

Have you seen Jesus? Those who first did were never the same.

“My Lord and my God!” cried Thomas.

“I have seen the Lord,” exclaimed Mary Magdalene.

“We have seen His glory!” declared John.

But Peter said it best. “We were eyewitnesses of His majesty.” 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well Hello Wednesday

This morning it is 24 degrees where I live, cold to some, a tropical breeze to others.  Me however, yes, it is a bit chilly, wind cutting through your close, O what fun.  When I arrived at work I went about my routine, getting my french vanilla coffee, proceeding to my desk to get the computer fired up and ready for the day.  That's when it hit, an email saying "bagels and pastries in the kitchen", before I knew it I had a chocolate croissant in my mouth, doh!  I figure most sweets are afraid of me in the world, they have heard of my reputation, I will devour them, its not a case of if but when. 

To completely change topic I was reading this morning and it struck me, the name of Jesus.  Meaning "The Lord Saves".  Anytime we say His name we are proclaiming that the Lord saves.  He does He does He does!  Wherever you are at in your life right now, hear this words, "The Lord saves _______" Put your name in the blank.  If you have given your life to Christ and trusted Him as your saviour your name belongs in that blank.  What you have been saved from is one huge deal, what you have been brought into is a double whammy!  Father give us eyes to see our place in you, to know that our identity is settled and we are your children and you are working on our behalf.  I have a feeling that the Lord may surprise you today, be open to how he may show up.  We live loved, lets live.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Not alone

"A sign shall be given, a virgin will conceive

A human baby bearing undiminished deity

The glory of the nations a light for all to see

That hope for all who will embrace His warm reality

Immanuel our God is with us

And if God is with us who could stand against us

Our God is with us


For all those who live in the shadow of death

A glorious light has dawned

For all those who stumble in the darkness

Behold your light has come

Immanuel our God is with us

And if God is with us who could stand against us

Our God is with us


So what will be Your answer? Will You hear the call?

Of Him who did not spare His son but gave Him for us all

On earth there is no power there is no depth or height

That could ever separate us from the love of God in Christ

Immanuel our God is with us

And if God is with us who could stand against us

Our God is with us


Immanuel our God is with us

And if God is with us who could stand against us

Our God is with us

Immanuel" - Michael Card

Friday, December 3, 2010


There are things in life that I thought I would not experience, for example, living in Texas, for all you Texans just settle down, I know TEXAS is life to you.  I lived there for several years and found out its not too shabby, now its no Montana or Colorado, but its nice.  Another thing is what I wear, specifically shoes,   Thats right.....I am rugged....woof.   "That's the story"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Great Googaly its December!

So I had my first cup of egg nog last night, ahhhh...that is a sign that Christmas is near.  I dont know what it is about egg nog that makes it all just come back to me, but whamo, shabamo it does.  What's your moment that brings Christmas back to you?  There begins to be this anticipation for something large to come, for a special time of closeness, warmth and wholeness.  For many this season brings the opposite, many it speaks to them of what they didn't or can't have.   Be it posessions, friends, a job, etc. 

I'm reminded of when Jesus speaks to the woman at the well and He tells her that if she knew who it was who was asking her the question everything would change.  This is a great opportunity for us as believers this season, a hug, a smile, a gift, a moment to say "Jesus truly loves you" While the world screams to people what they can't have or dont have, Jesus came to offer LIFE.