Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It has been way too long....Post 4 eyes

So its true, after 32 years of living life with two eyes, I shall soon have 4.  I wondered why things were really blurry, turns out, I needed glasses.  It slowly snuck up on me, very gradual thing, but once I saw with glasses, I was literally amazed at the difference.  You can tell where I am going with this..... :).   Mankind is born into a world where we see very blurry, we smack into things, we hurt others, we get hurt.  We are separated from Almighty God.  Sin.  In Gods great love and mercy He sent His Son to redeem us and bridge the gap to a relationship with God.  John 3:16.  Quoted, many times on neon colored signs at football games, yet its significance is many times passed over.  I recently watched Amazing Grace the movie, in the extras it talks about the creation of the song amazing grace, this song has been sung at funerals, recited on the battle field, sang in churches with tall steeple's, and yet its meaning is lost.  I once was blind but now I see, we don't know we can't see until we have the truth revealed to us of what it means to truly see.  This Christmas season, remember that great moment from Charlie Browns Christmas- The reason is Jesus, he came to bring sight to the blind and light the way for us to come back to him.