Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Speaking our need

So...this morning I read in a devotional about speaking our need to God, it is so important to realize its ok to be needy with God.  We can say we put our trust in Him our hope our worth, but then we say now I'm a christian, saying I am needy of Jesus' love is almost a christian no no.  What?  How is it that we can be drawn to Christ out of His love yet we try to live out of something else?  It baffles my mind how I will remember how God brought me to him, but I believe the lies at times about how now I have had my fill of Gods love and I need to suck it up and tell others about Christ.  Dear Christian, how do we expect to tell others about Christ and a relationship with Him if we rely on "that one time" when we came to Jesus in need, helpless, hopeless and in NEED of Him.  People don't want to see a perfect person, a perfect religious person is even worse, what they need, what we need is a fresh touch from Jesus.  The fact of the matter is, its not about "pressing in", its about receiving who Jesus is constantly, not from a salvation standpoint, but from a relational standpoint.  Should we have to wrestle with God to know His Love?  But Russ....what about the story of when that one guy wrestled with God for a blessing?  He was not wrestling with God for God, he was coming for a blessing from Him, there is a huge difference, when we make our walk with Jesus about how we need to do more to find him, to fight for that place in the Jesus please have favor on me and bless me because I am praying more than anyone else,etc. It becomes about our pursuit of God instead of His pursuit of us. 

So two sides here, one is displaying our need for Jesus, the other, when we come to Him its not for us to receive a blessing per say, its to receive the very love and life of Christ.  Allowing His ways and truth to lead us and guide us.  My heart is truly saddened by those who strive strive and strive only to find themselves empty, tired, angry worn out, etc.  All in the name of being a Christian, I have been there, for way too long, I still find myself falling into it.  We aren't Gods answer to the world, remember that, God already gave His answer at the cross and resurrection of Christ. 

The long short of it?  Can you receive the powerful Love and Grace of Christ?  are you willing?  Just an simple prayer:

Jesus I know you are Lord of all, I know you came to save me, I accept you and I receive you as all that I need and all I will ever need.  Jesus I am broken without you, I need your touch to restore my heart.  I trust in you as my Lord.  Jesus...Help.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I Heart

Just watch a video by Hillsong United.  I heart revolution "We are all in this together".  I dont really know what to say other than that we need Christ, the world does.  Loving people to Christ, leaning on Christ.  www.i-heart.org