Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My greatest gift

I have been given many great gifts in life.  A Denver Bronco uniform when I was younger, a sony boombox, new clothes, etc.  Things like this fade, there are two gifts that I have received in my life that I have done nothing to deserve.  The first is my relationship with Jesus Christ, He is my all, my salvation, my healer, my redeemer, my hope.  The second was given to me in such a poetic way from the Lord, he has given me a gift of a woman in my life, her name? Eve.  I only heard of this name growing up in church, really never knew an "Eve".  It is just a great picture to me that God would lead me to a woman with this name, the first name given to a woman.  A picture of elegance, grace and beauty, a helpmate, a friend. 

I am thankful for many gifts in my life, Eve I thank the Lord for you.  5 weeks to go. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

A borrowed post - Thanks Jamin!

C.J. Mahaney - Grace and the Adventure of Leadership.

1 Corinthians 1:1-9 - Paul’s attitude and affection for the Corinthians was shaped by his divine perspective of the Corinthians. “I always thank God for you” (vs 4). This was a correction letter.

Do not adjust individuals who you do not have a divine affection for. (you will always find difficult individuals in your life).

Lessons on Grace from Paul and Divine perspective.

1. Paul had an understanding of the call of God

3 times in the 1st 9 verses Paul references “call” call = divine summons.

Paul was reminded of the prior activity of God in their lives which allows you to appropriately see the present deficiency.

This will give you the faith for change and perseverance for the process.

2. Paul was more aware of evidence of Grace than areas in need of growth.

Vs 4 – “I always thank God for you” high priority on thanksgiving.

Note: paul mentions thanksgiving (line per line) more than any other author pagan or Christian.

Paul, thanked God for their spiritual gifts… but he later needed to correct this area of their life. (peoples greatest strength is often their biggest weakness)

He gave thanks for those evidences of grace.

1 thess 1:2-5 another example… he was specific (1 Thess 3:9… how can we thank God enough for your).

If all you see is negative when you look upon people or individual, that is self righteousness on your behalf. (look how you view your spouse, children, friends, ppl you service, etc…) Application: ask them does being with you make them more aware of their weaknesses or do they feel better about themselves.

People need to be extended Grace as they are growing, recognize that God is at work instead of if they are finished with growing or not.

God Honors leaders who follow these principles

3. Paul had Confidence in the Grace of God.

“He will keep you strong till the end” (vs 8) because “God is faithful” (vs 9). If you looked at the Corinthians you would not have had that confidence… except because God is faithful

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A man

Quick and to the point, I had this nice paragraph written, but I am going to be quick like a bunny on crack.  To be a Man, is to be one who truly understands His position to God and responds to His calling upon his heart.  Men, hear me, God Loves you, Believes in you, He has put you where you are for a reason.  People around you dont need someone else, They need you.  Comparison to others is not of God.  The slate is wiped clean,  A man my friends is only what God says he is, everything else is a lie. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning Prayer



You whom I love dearly, let us love one another. Love is from God and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 1 John 4:7


Father, cure us from the sickness that taints our understanding of love and decieves us to see love as trivial, frivilous or inconsequential. Rather, help us to truly believe that love is of the highest order and is the most excellent way.


Take 5 to 10 minutes to listen to God's voice. At any moment, when you are distracted you can recapture your thoughts with this phrase: "Love is from God."

: This Devotional was done by a good friend of mine Gavin Long, check out http://www.athomewithgod.org/