Friday, July 20, 2012

The pace we live in

Well, its been a very long time since I posted, not sure if this is read by anyone but ya never know.  Lately I've been struck by the pace of life.  It is something that goes unnoticed, we quickly move in and out of traffic, try to beat red lights, all for what?  To get somewhere in a hurry, our pace is moving at the speed of sound. 

I've also been walking through a time of reflection, what my heart condition is, I have been pondering this question.  Is Jesus enough for me?  Really when it comes down to it, is His presence, His direction, His life in me enough to satisfy?  We all have crutches in our Christian walk, when God hints at pull them away we can go into shock.  I have been addicted to performing for God, to "doing" great things for Him.  Most of us fall into that area, we figure that the Christian life, where it begins is in the doing.  We are so used to getting approval or love or contentment, peace, joy or happiness by the doing, that we lump it into our life with God.  We are called to action, to be used by God for His purpose.   But is Jesus enough for us if we don't have something big to do for Him?  We can't change our world until we are changed on the inside, that change is Jesus.  Don't be so quick to run off to do things, Jesus may be wanting to talk with you first, sometimes that conversation may take longer than you thought, our pace is not his pace.