Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas order?

9 days, lots of cookies, presents, movies. These were things that only filled in the small parts of my vacation home. The large part was this, Family and love. Its amazing to me how 9 days can fly by so fast and yet you can learn so much in that time. In my last post I talked the Love of the Father, it clicked with me last night that I can see glimpses of God in the natural. Specfically the love that I see from my earthly father, he is encouraging, supporting, protective, and wise.

I have always known people who didn't have a good relationship with their dad so they had a hard time with God being their father. I have missed for a while how God has shown me part of himself through the godly father I have. God gives us things in the natural to just give us a glimpse of His goodness and splendor, let us not look so far into the future or unknown that we miss what God has put right in front of us.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The day before going home

So here I sit in my office, most of the interns here at Teen Mania have gone home for break as well as a good chunk of my staff friends. During this time of year I always look back and look forward. There is the thought of where did this year go? Then there is the thought, what will this next year hold?

I am convinced that this is a huge time spiritually as well. The enemy of our souls seeks to bring confusion and chaos, the Lord seeks to show us great and mighty things that are in store. My question is this? Why is it so hard at times to believe the author of truth? Why do we always lean towards lies? Here is what I am coming to find out about this....God loves us, we are His children (Romans 8:15-16). If we grab this, we can truly know that God is a great loving father, he desires good for us, we can trust him. What is it that challenges you? What is it that holds on to you night and day? Perfect love casts out fear.