Monday, April 18, 2011


Do you ever find yourself fighting the hands that want to heal you?  Do you find yourself becoming skeptical of how good God is?  Do you wonder where is God in all of this?  You aren't alone.  When we hit the waves of doubt or of pain, it is our natural reaction to run and hide.  If scripture says that God is our Refuge and Strength an ever present help in times of trouble, there has to be a reality to that.  God is not speaking in mere theory here.  If it feels like your life is unravelling, take heart, it may just be just like Lazarus, God is bringing new life and taking off the old clothes that He wants you to be free of.   Be willing to fall apart at the seems its ok.  You are ok, to fall apart into the hands of God can be the most amazing thing you could encounter.  His pursuit of your hurt and heart is relentless, could it be true?  That God is actually that loving?  That personal?  He heals all our wounds and redeems our life from the pit.  Let him unravel things in your life, there is healing and hope in his wings. 

Update of countdown - thanks Jamin....

Wowzas.....12 days.....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

24 Days

24 Days, there are 24 days until I get married.  This is something I have thought about for a very long time.  It is one of those occations that you wonder if it would ever come.  The thought of seeing my bride walk down the aisle, to be in that moment in which words can't describe.  To be with someone who I will spend the rest of my life with.  It is an amazing time, it seems like I was just counting down the months, now it is days, soon it will be hours. 

I wonder how God views us in the light of this, we are his bride, oh how he longs for us, for that day of being united with him.  I am sure I will see so much of God through this new season, I am thankful for you Eve.  I am thankful for my family and friends for standing with us.  God Bless.