Thursday, February 9, 2012

A new way to post and to live

Well my friends, I've been inspired, after hitting the ole doctors office recently, I've realized I need to be eating healthier.  So its been about 1 month, my wife and I have revamped our diet, let me tell you I feel much better, in only a month!  All that aside I think I will share a bit of the new way of living as I go, here is what I will tell you. 

Eating healthy and taking care of your body is honoring to God, many of us overlook it and think oh whats the big deal.  Take some time to study what you are putting in your body, "high fructose corn syrup" = poison.  God never intended us to fill our bodies with junk, as the temple of the holy spirit we should be taking care of it.  I want to be around for my family and hopefully kids in the future ;).  Its sobering to know that we are finite, but also good to remember, what choices will you make today?  Peace love and uh...tofu (ok that is going to far....I dont endorse tofu, nasty nasty yuk yuk). 

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