Friday, February 24, 2012


I find myself trying to understand things, the why's or why not in life.  Maybe you've done the same a time or two, someone gets sick, someone wins the lottery.  Why is it I never seem to catch a break?  Is there something I am not doing?  Or maybe doing wrong?

The idea of Grace is one that seems at times to be out of reach or some mystical idea that is great to talk about, but really where does it fit into our purpose driven focused lives?  May I suggest that Grace was really never meant to be understood, but rather experienced.  For instance, the idea or rather the fact that someone can love you completely regardless of what you do or have done can make anyone including me short circuit.  There is someone thing in us that wants to earn it, that wants to have our worth tied up in what we have been able to accomplish.  Scripture talks about how we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

This glory is His alone, by right, by who He is, yet here is the startling thing, God in His infinite Love invites into His presence through the sacrifice of His Son.  He invites us to the life in Christ, this life is something that most of us stop short of.  Meaning that we dont hear much past Gods sacrifice, thus we learn to live up to the point of the cross, feeling that we are still a wretch who is lucky to be saved.  At what point do we accept the grace of God, knowing He loves us, has saved us and we are made righteous in His sight.  Let me say this, this isn't just an opinion, this is a fact, if you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, you are made righteous.  I was once told there should be a healthy tension between the Law and Grace.  May I be so bold to say, that the Law was fulfilled in Christ and done away with.  There is no room for the Law in the Grace filled life.  (Which is every Christians right as a child of God). 

To bring this all together, God cares about each detail of our lives, sickness, provision, hurt, joy, laughter, peace, the list goes on and on.  He call for us is to be obedient to His Divine Love and Grace that has so eloquently been written out in His word to us.  The break we have been given is something we didn't deserve, what we have won is a life of hope and freedom and relationship, what have we done?  Nothing.  It is all by Gods Grace.  

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